Emergent Vision: The Babel Resurgence - Book 1

Here's a book I narrated for recently, now on sale on Audible, The Babel Resurgence written by the lovely Jeffery Dale Cole, with whom it was a pleasure to work!

Something that Jeffery did for me very early on in the process, after contacting me through ACX was to send me an image of the actor that he saw playing each different character in The Babel Resurgence 'Movie'. It was an invaluable aid, so thanks Jeffery. It really helped me to conjure up the voices for the main characters before I embarked on the read and something that I have asked other authors to possibly think about doing when discussing how best to read their characters.

Although one chapter had to be re-read as I found out too late that a minor character I had voiced as a US accent was in fact German. 

It's a good read and worth a listen, has a touch of christianity in it although I wouldn't put it down as a 'christian fiction' novel. I think it stands alone as a sci-fi story.

Catching the Clicks

I've used Adobe Audition for a long time for VO/Audiobook work and never had any problems. However...recently I've noticed odd clicks appearing in the longer Audiobook recordings. Its definitely not coming from me.
I've changed Mic's changed cables and it still appears. Doesn't seem to have a rhyme or reason, ie: not every 30 seconds, or dependent on volume etc. Today, I tried Audacity as a test record, did 2 minutes (would get a click in that time with Audition) and click free so I think I've pin pointed the Audition App as the problem.
Thanks to the power of 'Sosherll Meeja' the luverlly people over at Voice Over Support (https://www.facebook.com/groups/259324971420354/) did help me loads!
(It was clock speed)

(who knew?)

..insert something about time as an abstract construct and do clocks even have speed.

Pushing the Vocals

So the website is nearly complete, 3 more voice reels to complete. 3 Auditions to ACX tonight....watch this space. Actually don't watch. Listen.