Always nice to get feedback

So first chapters away to the author Martyn J. Pass of the Trident series I've just started narrating.

'Fantastic start! You did a wonderful job there, the tome was spot on and the characterisation was exactly what I was looking for. The tone felt humorous without taking away from the context. Keep it up!'

The first few takes of any audiobook can be the toughest, there are of course notes from the author on how the characters should act and sound but I always feel that no matter how well this is written and how well you interpret the 'brief' it may never match up to what the author has had playing in his head as the book evolved.

It's like the film that's made of the book that you've always loved, yes, you know the one! Will they get the casting right, and will that actor live up to what you've had in the cinema of your mind? 

Privileged to have nailed this one...though there are a few more characters to appear!

Chapters one and two delivered! Back into the booth!

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