TRIDENT: Dead Siege by Martyn J. Pass &Tim Mason

So I've just secured a deal to narrate 3 books in this series by Martyn J. Pass & Tim Mason.

Trident: Dead Siege...A suicide mission on a backwater planet with a cockney-speaking robot and 6.2 million undead colonists. What could possibly go wrong? 

Script received, just going through the characters and first few chapters.

Gotta say, I was drawn to the book by the comedy 'cockney' robot who I'm going to have real fun voicing, as a Londoner, and my Mum was technically a born 'cockney' should be able to add this to my cockney voicereel!

Excited to be working with Martyn, hope I manage to do the book proud. 

Currently available on Amazon here:

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